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Gary Weis

Gary Weis first become famous through making short films for Saturday Night Live, where He was one of the original SNL filmmakers. These films were excerpts of real life, real people and real situations and Gary had a unique quality that touched a nerve with millions, years later he still gets emails daily from people wishing him well and asking for more short films.

Web movies offer that same creative freedom as those short films did back then in the early days of SNL and thanks to modern technology can be made with really reasonable budgets.
As a Director of TV commercials Gary's speciality is "Real people", so he finds that short movies for web sites are a perfect fit for him, movies made for the web allow a freedom of creativity, time and budget to come up with really unique fun stuff.

Gary Weis, Jan Scott and Ellie Wylie have worked as a team for over twenty years and are extremely experienced at the research, budgeting, preproduction, filming and post production required to film absolutely anything.
We have filmed sky divers sky diving while bbq-ing and landing in the middle of the bbq championships of Texas.
We have found and filmed cheese experts in the Cheddar gorge in Dorset England for the Wendy's cheese burger commercials. We filmed the man that invented the egg Mc Muffin for McDonald's, we filmed the Washington post being printed, we have researched and made commercials for Cocoa Cola, Kelloggs, American Airlines, Budweiser, Toyota, Kit Kat.... The list is long!

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