wiredvid.com movies for your website
The availability and quality of high speed internet together with todays advances in video capabilities means that organizations that could never have afforded a national campaign can suddenly have one.

The magic of making movies for the web is that we can make them on almost any budget.
The challenge is only that they be interesting and fun to watch.

Please telephone our toll free number 888 316 3569 or email using the contact page on this site. Once we have discussed with you what it is you would like, we brainstorm ideas and produce a budget and quote for the total cost from concept to viewing your own eCommercial on your website.

At this stage a deal memo will be signed, we request a 50% down payment before filming commences.
During the post production stage we can e-mail you a link so that you may approve editing choices before completion.
The remaining 50% due upon completion, when the Web Commercial is published to your website.

If you need a new website or feel your website needs a face lift we can do this for you.
Please visit us at
www.wiredpage.com for more information on our website design.

• ECOMMERCIALS Are proven to help increase sales. Because they personalize you business more than words and text ever can.
• ECOMMERCIALS Differentiate you from your competitors.
• ECOMMERCIALS Have the potential to reach millions at a fraction of the cost of regualar TV commercials.
• ECOMMERCIALS Help you to turn website browsers into customers
• ECOMMERCIALS Allow you to talk directly to potential customers and entertain as well as inform.